MUSTANG: The MUltiplexed SQUID/TES Array at Ninety GHz


MUSTANG-1.5 is a 32-element array of feedhorn-coupled bolometers which are read out with a novel microwave SQUID multiplexer (microMUX). MUSTANG-1.5 offers many advantages over MUSTANG including more stable cryogenics, a larger field of view (3.5' compared to 42" for MUSTANG), and a significant improvement in sensitivity. These capabilities enable a far more comprehensive observing program which will include the first ever detection of X-ray cavities via the SZE and high-resolution measurements of the ICM out to unprecedented radii.

Current Status and Anticipated Schedule

The MUSTANG-1.5 cryostat has been built and the cryogenic performance has been fully characterized. The first set of detectors is currently being fabricated and expected to arrive at the end of 2013. The microwave SQUID multiplexing electronics are being characterized with a set of test detectors and the full system including telescope-ready software and firmware will be ready when the detectors arrive. Commissioning and early science observations will be carried out in early 2014.